Moving Tips


  • Pack your house gradually over the weeks leading up to the move so your moving day is manageable. 

  • Leave yourself your essentials and start packing everything you don't need on a daily basis. However, if you need help with any of your packing from start to finish, Reliable Movers offers packing and unpacking services.  If packing on your own, pack heavy items in small boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. Avoid packing too many heavy items in one box as this will make transport overly cumbersome. 

  • Prep as much as you can for moving day in order to make the moving process easier. Doing so will save you money if you are using a moving company.  The more you can do as far as cleaning up clutter, organizing the items needing to be moved, and disassembling furniture, the faster/cheaper your move will be.  

  • Make sure you tell us as much information as possible about the items being moved, stairs, super fragile/heavy items, very steep driveways, or any unique circumstances that could affect the move.  The better information we have, the more accurate pricing we can give. 

  • Do not minimize or be deceptive to our office about what needs to be moved thinking you will save money; we base our truck size and crew size on the information your provide and pricing may change when we arrive. If you have a pool table, tell us ahead of time!

  • Don't forget to tip your movers; these guys work very hard and like to know that you are satisfied with the job.