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Your One-stop Solution to All Your Moving Needs

Reliable Movers is the elite packing team of the Lehigh Valley. We offer special packing supplies to help relocate your items in a safe and efficient manner. We discuss your move when you call and determine how many packers you'll need. We bring all the boxes and moving supplies.

All Packing pricing is prorated per hr.

1 Packer - $99 hr.

2 Packers - $140 hr.

3 Packers - $180 hr.

4 Packers - $220 hr

Full Packing Services

For some, packing may be the most overwhelming part of the move! Eliminate stress and save time with our full packing service option. No matter the size or destination, our packing crews can take care of this task, so you don’t have to. Relax! Let us do the work.

Partial Packing Services

Started packing and just have no time to finish? We can help. Let Reliable Movers understand what exactly you want to move. We will assess which rooms and items you plan to pack yourself and how we may assist in the packing process. 


Unpacking Services

Unpacking tends to take longer than planned, or it becomes one more stressful thing to add to the list. Reliable Movers will help you get organized with our unpacking services that allow you to focus on more important things like settling into your new home.

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